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Love and Laughter<BR>Heals Us All


My Hobbies and Me

I like art, and writing (children plays, children stories, short stories, and poems).
I like bowling, bike riding, swinging in the park,
roller skating, hiking on short trails, monster truck shows, dancing, singing,
family picnics, Yahtzee, computers, country drives, and going to the beach.
I also like two-sided conversations, quiet sunsets, and romantic evenings.

I love life, spending time with my family, worshiping God,
meeting new friends, and spending time with old friends.

I am single with nine children,
four of my own who all suffered major medical conditions as small children.
I am very grateful that with the help of wonderful doctors,
that were guided by the hand of God,
three of my children have overcome
most of their medical conditions.
I am also the grandmother
of twenty beautiful grandchildren,
eleven step grandchildren, and nine natural.

Most of all
I think that life is just to short
to be unhappy.

Copyright 2010 by Virginia Sullinger.
All rights are reserved and protected by Virginia Sullinger.
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Love and Laughter
Heals Us All